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Headcanon: After this mess is over, Artemis drags Kaldur out to go to the Happy Harbor beach with her and gets him talking about his father. They form VCA, “Villain’s Children Anonymous.” They are the only two members, and they regularly meet at aquariums and coffee shops and other places to have fun together and to help each other with their daddy issues.

It’s a beautiful friendship that continues into their old age.

(Edit by thefreshpotofbelair: Conner is eventually invited to join the club, and Red Tornado acts as a club adviser, since his “daddy” was an evil robot scientist)

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  4. afigureofspeech said: I accept. (I feel like they would take special interest in the kids of villains and crime lords. Steph and Cass get adopted too right? Also Damien.)
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    Don’t forget Stephanie Brown, cause her daddy was Cluemaster!
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