This is a fangirl blog written by food.

Although I pretend to be Chip, a 21-year-old college girl who doodles, writes, and dabbles in various fandoms when she should be studying…

I’m actually an immortal bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream conspiring to overtake tumblr with sweetness and feels mwahahahaha (If you’re wondering how I can type when I have no hands, I’ll let you in on my secret ability: I can control computers with my brain. If you’re wondering how ice cream could have a brain; you’re taking this blog summary too seriously).

Besides my formal title, Chip O’Mint, Lady of Traught, you may also know me as…

A Young Justice lover, a GLTAS admirer, a Supernatural addict, an ATLA/LOK enthusiast, a fandom-hopper, a Hawkgirl, a fan writer, an artist, a superhero worshiper, a manga/anime connoisseur, an English dork, a wuss, a cookie maker, a lazy procrastinating college girl, a webcomic reader, and as always, a fangirl.

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From the Zagtoon website: A close-up of Marinette Cheng’s eyes

From the Zagtoon website: A close-up of Marinette Cheng’s eyes

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#Miraculous Ladybug #Marinette Cheng #Ladybug #goregous animation #CGIgasm
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